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Download WeChat for PC and Laptops

Download WeChat for PC and Laptops


These days, for you, we made WeChat available on your PC. You can get it on your PC easily without spending much time only just  by reading our method. For those of our readers who don’t know that what is WeChat then first of all we would like to tell them about this application and later we will move ahead. After getting a little bit knowledge about this app, they can download it on their PC and can use it easily. WeChat and Whatsapp are similar in many ways, it is becoming very popular in the region of Asia pacific, thanks to its great features and its cool advertising and marketing. The tutorial of Whatsapp for PC we read recently gave us the idea to bring WeChat for PCs and laptops.

Brief overview of WeChat App for free messaging

WeChat is a communication app, which is very popular as we all know about it. This is a text and voice messaging app which has been developed by the Tencent in China. We chat supports instant messaging over text,mobile phones, walky-talky style hold-to-talk voice messaging service, broadcasting an sms to a whole group of people. WeChat facilitates instant messaging over text, walky talky style hold-to-talk voice messaging service, send immediately a message to multiple users, pics or video files, and it even lets you find others who are around you and using WeChat on them. You shall not like the fact that it has information about your location. You  can have this feature but you have to pay for this feature if you want.

Tutorial for WeChat for PC

Without much delay we proceed to the next section where we tell you how to download WeChat for PC. This method works the same way we have Subway Surfers for PC working on computers and laptops worldwide. You could also use this for cheesy games like Candy Crush Saga for PC. In few words, the simple method is that you are duping Android Operating System to think that you have a mobile phone instead of a PC. If somehow we can do that, then let me tell you that there is not much to do after that. It is then simply a way of downloading the app as you are downloading it on your mobile phone. Let us proceed to the next one step by step tutorials for downloading WeChat for pc now.

  • To download WeChat for PC, the first step is to download the software from the fool app stores to trust you are using a mobile phone. We will use android emulator for this. You are advised to download it from here.
  • For this, you have to install BlueStacks. If you have installed it, you can move ahead and search for WeChat on different app stores by just pressing  “WeChat” on the search button.
  • This process will consume your  several minutes but it will show you the list of those  app stores that have WeChat on them.
  • Then click on one of the search result, WeChat  is a free app. So you do not need  to worry  about its cost.
  • Downloading for WeChat will start and as a result of it, WeChat  will install on your emulator.
  • Click  on it and WeChat  will load. Then you can easily create your account and can use it.

So, dear users enjoy yourself and have fun, remember to spread the word about SpikePC among your friends! We welcome you.


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